Sunday, 21 January 1900
  • One of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Was created in the 17th century.
  • Giant metallic statue, dedicated to God Helios.
  • Was created and decorated by sculptor Harris from Lindos.
  • Completion time was approximately 12 years.
  • It's height was between 27-31 metres.
  • Many historical theories differ about the visage and the actual position of the statue.
  • According to the prevailed theory, colossus of rhodes visualises the sun with the rays around the head and holding a torch on the right hand.
  • Also according to the prevailed theory, colossus of rhodes was standing at the entrance of the harbour and the ships were passing under the feet. 
  • However, another theory says that colossus was standing inside the temple of God Helios in the town of rhodes.
  • Colossus colapsed after 66 years by a very powerful earthquake that happened in the year 226 B.C. Was cut in the knees and fell of the floor.
  • The Rhodians, following the oracle, did not move colossus from the place that collapsed, until the year 653 A.C.
  • In the year 653 A.C. colossus was moved by Arabs pirates occupants of the island that took the pieces to be used in weapon industry.



Colossus of Rhodes