Sunday, 21 January 1900
  • Famous legendary Olympic games winner.
  • Also father of famous Olympic games winners.
  • One of the most famous boxers of ancient times.
  • He was coming from a very famous aristocratic family that lived in ancient Ialyssos, on the island of Rhodes.
  • Diagoras won the first medal in boxing at the 79th olympic games that took place in the year 464 B.C.
  • His glory and victory was described by Pindaros at the "7th Olympic medalist".
  • Diagoras was very old but present at the olympic games of Olympia in the year 448 B.C. so to see his two sons "Dimagetos" and "Akousilaos" becoming olympics winners. The legend says that after winning the first medal, his two sons went to their father, raised him on their shoulders and walked him gloriously all around the olympic stadium. Then a spectator, said loudly : "You can die now Diagoras, dont expect to rise up to Olympos" (the mountain where Gods live). And so was done.  Diagoras  in the middle of the cheerful audience and full of pride and hapiness left his last breath on the honoured field of Olympia. 
  • Since then, Diagoras is a priceless insipation to all the generations that came after him.
  • After many years, his other son "Dorieas" became also an Olympic games winner.



Diagoras of Rhodes